Sat 2nd XI - Batting Records
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1. Sat 2nd XI - Batting Records

YearDateOppositionPlayerRunsNot out?
201306/07/2013Teddington Town 2T Roome113Not Out
201423/08/2014Cove 3R Rowlett111Not Out
201308/06/2013Maidenhead & Bray 3R Rowlett106
201409/08/2014Aldershot 3M Dawson106Not Out
201202/06/2012SloughA Cave102Not Out
201520/06/2015Sonning 2G Young101Not Out
201306/07/2013Teddington Town 2G Young95
201405/07/2014Eversley 3G Young93Not Out
201307/09/2013NPL Teddington 2M Dawson88Not Out
201412/07/2014Kidmore End 2D Sutton88Not Out
201516/05/2015Reading 3M Dawson87
201414/06/2014NPL Teddington 2G Young85Not Out
201431/05/2014Theale & Tilehurst 2A Bartlett83Not Out
201529/08/2015Falkland 3D Sutton83
201325/05/2013Thatcham 3R Rowlett81
201219/05/2012Marlow A Cave79
201409/08/2014Aldershot 3G Young79
201423/08/2014Cove 3G Young78
201426/07/2014Boyne Hill 3G Young76
201308/06/2013Maidenhead & Bray 3G Young73
201412/07/2014Kidmore End 2M Dawson73Not Out
201211/08/2012Farnham CommonA Passfield72
201419/07/2014Fleet 2G Young72
201221/07/2012CheshamM Dawson69
201522/08/2015Sonning 2J Davis69
201219/05/2012MarlowM Davis67
201313/07/2013Theale & Tilehurst 2G Young66Not Out
201426/07/2014Boyne Hill 3D Sutton66
201505/09/2015Datchet CranbourneD Sutton66
201301/06/2013Fleet 2J Davis64
201520/06/2015Sonning 2D Sutton64
201527/06/2015Falkland 3C Fletcher64
201205/05/2012SonningJ Grinstead63
201417/05/2014Fleet 2G Young63
201414/06/2014NPL Teddington 2J Davis63
201529/08/2015Falkland 3G Young63Not Out
201506/06/2015Slough 3T Roome62
201216/06/2012PurleyJ Humphrey59
201204/08/2012ChiswickA Passfield59
201518/07/2015Reading 3D Sutton59Not Out
201525/07/2015Wokingham 3N Berridge59
201320/07/2013Stoke Green 2G Young58
201525/07/2015Wokingham 3G Young58
201212/05/2012Harefield T Whitelock57
201402/08/2014Theale & Tilehurst 2A Cave57
201212/05/2012Harefield A Dunnage56
201221/07/2012CheshamA Dunnage56
201211/08/2012Farnham CommonM Dawson56
201505/09/2015Datchet CranbourneG Whatling55Not Out
201228/07/2012SloughM Dawson54
201329/06/2013NPL Teddington 2M Dawson54
201406/09/2014Eversley 3S Derry54
201301/06/2013Fleet 2M Dawson53
201402/08/2014Theale & Tilehurst 2C Searle53
201212/05/2012Harefield A Passfield52
201320/07/2013Stoke Green 2R Rowlett52
201303/08/2013Fleet 2M Davis52
201516/05/2015Reading 3G Young52
201431/05/2014Theale & Tilehurst 2G Young51