Sun 09
Under 9
Royal Ascot CC - Under 9 Tigers
Shots edged out in close game

Shots edged out in close game

By Michael White
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Shots edged out in close game

Our visitors to Windlesham on Sunday were Royal Ascot.

The kids were asked to improve their performance this week in 2 areas. To reduce the number of wickets they lose during the game and to avoid being run out.

Ascot batted first. An excellent performance fielding and bowling saw us take 8 wickets and reduce the oppo to 109. One area to work on is staying focused for the whole innings, remebering to watch the ball and back up in the field. 3 wickets for Ryan (plus a maiden), 2 for Essa and 2 for Vilas, plus 1 for Rian (economical with only 3.7 runs off him per over). No wickets for Sam, but an eonomy rate of 5/over.

Essa and Jonathon started our innings. Ony 1 wicket fell and both scored 3 & 4 each. Rhys and Rian continued to bat well against some good bowling and only lost wickets to 2 very good balls. Ryan 6 and Vilas 2 built the score up again with only 1 wicket falling. We were behind the rate, but getting closer. Sam 14 and William 6 ended our innings and really pushed us up towards the total, getting to 101 for 5. Sam with a super 6 off the last ball.

All round a much better performance than last week, with many positives and a few lessons being learned. Let's keep training and improvements will come for this very young team.

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Sun 09, Jun 2019